Posted by Jasmine Wallace

925 Sterling Silver

  • Do not wear it in the shower or while washing hands
  • Store it properly in your Balacía jewelry pouch
  • Do not wear while exercising or sweating
  • Do not wear while sleeping

    White/Rose/Yellow Gold

    • Store it properly in your Balacía jewelry pouch
    • Use a jewelry cleansing solution if it gets dirty

    How long will my 925 sterling silver ring last?

    Reviews over the years show that some sterling silver engagement rings have lasted an entire marriage, while other lasted as little as a few years. How long your ring lasts depends on how well you take care of it. Sterling silver rings are mostly used as starter rings and upgraded approximately 5 years later.

    How long will my 18k white/rose/yellow gold ring last?

    These metals are known to last forever, again, depending on how well they are taken care of. It is recommended to not leave rings lying around to get knocked over and scratched.